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VelaSense® provides a high-accessibility interface for blind, low-vision, cognitive and dexterity-impaired users, offering dozens of tools in one Android™ application.

VelaSense® is an eyes-free and hands-free assistive software that brings the full power of mobile technology and cloud computing within reach for visually impaired users. The system provides high-accessibility access to routine smart phone functions and also exploits the phone's integrated camera and motion sensors to characterize the user’s environment. Acquired information is then delivered back to the user through non-sight sensory modes such as hearing and touch.

VelaSense® was developed through countless hours of user-testing and qualification at the prestigious Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, MA. This rigourous user-driven development cycle was executed with the support of Verizon's technology experts working in collaboration with accessiblility engineers at Visus Technology, Inc. to produce a comprehensive and life-changing technology for those in need.

VelaSense® technology extends the benefits of the feature-rich Androidtm operating system along with the reliability and comprehensive coverage of Verizon's nationwide 4G cellular network.

As we look to the future, our priorities focus on improving VelaSense® to better serve the needs of our users. Our new initiatives are intended to bring the power and benefit of VelaSense® to those managing chronic illnesses. By increasing user self-empowerment and improving disabled caretaker communications, we are building a platform that offers a life-changing impact to disabled users. We look forward to improving this promising platform and pushing the boundaries of mobile technology for the benefit of those who need it most.